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Plover Mills Produce

The Scoop About Us

Welcome to Plover Mills Produce. We are Zan and Tascha the Co-founders of this farm. When we first started discussing a Hydroponics setup we had one main goal in mind, to supply produce that was locally grown and able to be harvested from farm to fork within hours! 

Having both grown up on farms we understand what it takes to be part of the agricultural community as well as the importance of quality within the products we supply. We have found a way to bring you the freshest produce with the highest of quality, all while leaving a minimal carbon footprint within our community.

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Why Hydroponics

With the Worlds population continuing to grow, the desire for more resourse-intensive food is rising. It has become clear that farming needs to become more productive. Being able to grow plants without soil but instead using a nutrient rich solution to deliver water and minerals to their roots, allows us to grow plants in habitats that normally wouldn't sustain them. Hydroponics is on the rise, as available farmland is decreasing. Being able to find new sustainable ways to grow is becoming more and more popular.

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How It Works

Hydroponics is slightly different than growning produce the traditional way. There is no dirt, pesticides, herbicides or chemicals involved. Just organic seeds, water and sunlight.

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The Seeds

Each plant starts in our propagation setup. They are planted into organic growing media called root cubes,these cubes create a structure for the roots of the plants to grow. They will stay here for two weeks to allow for the seedlings to become strong enough to be moved to the next phase of growing.

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The Set Up

The plants are placed in growing troughs once they have grown to a particular size. Their roots reach down and absorb  water that flows through the troughs allowing them to receive all of the nutrients they may need without the use of soil.

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The Final Product

Once the plants have grown to full size we are able to harvest them. What you are left with are fresh, pesticide and herbicide free, locally grown produce that you are able to enjoy for longer periods of time.

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